Our Advisors

Laura J. Abbott DeCarolis, George P. Hebert, and Michael T. Satler are the firm’s advisors. Laura serves as President, and George serves as CEO. Both Laura and George are owners. As owners, we have a vested interest in providing high-quality service and in your satisfaction. As advisors, we understand the importance of offering flexible financial services in step with the needs of a variety of clients. We also understand the importance of offering and working with a wide range of products in order to satisfy the diverse needs of our client base.

Laura and George are Certified Financial Planners™ and are members of the FPA (Financial Planning Association) and NATP (National Association of Tax Professionals) in order to keep abreast of the latest trends in the financial planning and services industries. Each maintains their CFP® designation and other registrations through regular continuing education and participation in industry conferences and events.