Managing Investments

Because we are an independent firm, our advisors have access to a complete range of investment products to offer its clients, such as individual stocks and bonds, REITs, mutual funds, and tax-deferred annuities.  We can also manage investments for clients on either a fee basis or commission basis.

Not all investment products are suitable for every client.  Therefore, the investments we recommend are based on what best suits the client’s needs, circumstances, and risk tolerance.  For example, the investment(s) we might recommend for someone who needs to roll over a 401(k) could be very different than what we might recommend for someone who needs to invest an inheritance.

Commissions, loads, or fees may be incurred by implementing those recommendations.  Any applicable commissions, loads, or fees would be disclosed prior to any transaction taking place. For complete information, including our fee schedule and a copy of our Form ADV, click here.

Disclosure: Investment recommendations made by an advisor of Horizon Financial Advisors would be made and/or executed by the advisor acting as either an investment advisor of Trustmont Advisory Group, a registered representative of Trustmont Financial Group, and/or a licensed insurance agent of Horizon Financial Advisors.  Though we work with clients who reside in various states, we only transact business where the firm and its advisors are properly registered/licensed.